Capstone Reflection

What I learned from my research from doing my presentation is learning how professional athletes actually get paid for what they do. I think I did pretty well on my presentation based on how I was graded on. Some techniques I can incorporate into my next presentation is probably talk a bit slower. I would have changed nothing for my presentation. If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t talk as fast and rush through.

Documentary Reflection

The top 5 documentaries people my age should watch should be; Into The Abyss, Super Size Me, The Interrupters, Rich Hill, and Making A Murderer. Into the Abyss is about convicted killers, the victims families and the Texas criminal justice system and ask them what should be the killers punishment and all of them gave different answer. Super Size Me is a guy who eats fast food for about month and sees how bad the results after the month to see what has changed in his body and what is really being put in your food. The Interrupters is about a group in Chicago talking to gangs and youth groups on how to resolve the problems. Rich Hill is about 3 boys who live in poor neighborhoods and they talk about how they deal with the environment. Making A Murderer is about several individuals who have been involved in arrest who have been convicted in a crime.

Friday The 13th

Many movies have the title Friday the 13th in the name. And those movies include Friday the 13th part 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. How these film directors depict how the they think Friday the 13th is to them is basically a serial killer who is killing off people in a camp site. So it starts off at Crystal Lakes camp history murderer who does not deter the counselors in this woodsy area. Scared locals warn them and everyone around their about it but the young people pay no attention to the those old time stories. Then one day they find themselves being stalked by a brutal killer and all of them try to stay alive while being brutally injured. And all these movies are based on an actual true story by the name of Jason Voorhees who was a deformed mentally child who was made fun of by his peers and adults. Also he was complete ignored as he drowned in Crystal Lake on Friday The 13th. But how I feel about Friday The 13th is that people make some made up stories just to get a scare out of you just because of a movie or they just want to for some reason and its just a normal day anyways.

Prescription Drugs

The U.S pharmacy industries have spent over $5.2 billion on ads to sell to their consumers. Throughout the years of prescription drugs of the use of ads have changed in the years such as if you have a toothache or for pain in the head, leg or foot. Also in 1961 10,000 babies were diagnosed with phocomelia and this happens when the pregnant mother uses drugs for pain and causes the baby to have this condition depending on what the mother used. My thoughts and opinions on people using prescription drugs is that if you are using it for actual pain so it can help relive it or just taking it because it makes you feel good. And also I’m not the one who will have the symptoms and overdose on them because I take them for a reason not just to take it. Ads that have been direct to the consumer have grown up to 62% within 4 years, and its representing the most leading ad category and making prescription drugs the seventh largest advertiser, by spending $6.4 billion in 2016 on drug ad and those are mostly viewed between TV shows. 72% of the commercial breaks during the news have at least one prescription drug ad. Some questions I have for people. Would you ever take prescription drugs from a friend or family member and they offer it to you? Do you think prescription drugs even help people who have pain in a certain area in their body or they are just taking it because it makes them feel good.

Black History Month (Jim Brown)


Jim Brown, athlete, actor, activist

Jim Brown was one the greatest NFL players that has ever step on and off the field.When he was in college at the University of Syracuse many coaches and staff members were still on the down on having a African American player playing but the played Jim Brown, and he became on the best college athletes known demand and being drafted the 1st overall pick in 1957 by the Cleveland Browns.  Jim called it a quits at the age of 30 but unlike other African Americans he always remained active in the African American community by helping build life skills and also donating his own time towards anti-gang campaigns. As of today Jim Brown still continues with his civil rights advocate, and founded the Black Economic Union (BEU) which uses pro athletes as facilitators in the establishment of the Black-run enterprise. Brown also founded a new endeavor, Vital issues, that have aimed at teaching personal growth techniques to the inner-city prison inmates. And he conducts sessions of the Amer-I-Can from his own home up in the hills of LA. In the early 90’s Amer-I-Can won more than a million dollars to grant money to expand its programs into cities such as San Francisco and even even Cleveland. Although he may not be the only athlete to reach out to others that are less fortunate than himself, Brown still urges his peers to do more than what he makes out to be”make gestures” when facing life challenges in society. 

Professional Athletes Being Overpaid

What is your social issue? 

The social issue i’m doing is about professional athletes being overpaid.

Why is it such a social issue?  What do people disagree about in relation to this topic?

Reason why it is such a social issue because many professional athletes are overpaid too money for what they do for a living and there are other people in the world who are risking their lives. Many people can disagree with this topic because they believe that athletes are role models and influence young athletes to pursue their dream of playing pro.

What is your proposed solution?  Why do you think this is the best solution?

My proposed solution is that to have a certain amount for each player depending experience and position. This is the best solution because so that other athletes won’t beg for more money because they think they deserve it more than anyone else.

What are pros to your solution?

The pros can be that experienced athletes even think they are overpaid.

What are cons to your solution?

Not using the money for good reason and not spending on drugs and usefulness items.

Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic? (Need to post at least 2 questions)

Do you think that professional athletes are overpaid?

If yes, then how much do you think is a reasonable amount to pay them without their salary?

Super Bowl 52 Commercials (My Top 3)

The purpose for this commercials was to entertain the people reason why is that you have two famous actors singing/raping. The message that is getting across is that MTN Dew and Doritos are a good combo together. Type of audience it was trying to get was people who enjoy Doritos and Mtn Dew.


Purpose of this commercial is to inform people because even though Budweiser is a beer company they can, also focus on helping the community from tragic events such as Hurricane Harvey and producing water to help them instead of beer. The message that is getting across is that even beer companies can make a difference for helping others within need that are in need of help. The audience it’s trying to inform is everyone not even if they drink beer or not because everyone can make a difference by helping anyone no matter who you are.


Purpose of this commercial is to entertain the people because you have someone dancing after drinking the newest product Diet Coke Twisted Mango and maybe people will think if they drink this product they might experience the same result as her. The message that it is getting to the point is that Diet Coke is trying to make more flavors for the people such as millennials because the new big thing is being healthy.  Type of audience is going for is millennials because being healthy is the biggest thing going on for this generation and having new flavors will make Diet Coke more noticeable.

Play-Doh creation

The item of the play-doh was a frying pan and it’s important to me because cooking is one my favorite hobbies to do when i’m bored or just to cook when I want to also this can represent in a way that a frying pan is a tool that helps guide the food to being perfect as in tasting good. Some of the other classmates made a flower,  and a paintbrush also this made it unique because some of these creation can mean different things for some people, or it can represents a family member that has been passed or someone they really care about. This can relate to writing assignment because you can explain a story about yourself of what represent you in your own way or even examples of what that creation will represent. And rhetorically this play in my creation decisions because the type of audience is people who love food and are willing to try new things, and how the design is that the pan itself represents everything that holds my life and keeps it from leaving and the handle is the one makes it all balance and from falling off from my life. The purpose of this is that everyone has their own different frying pan as in they might have a different back story from someone else or it can hold everything they don’t want to leave from them and not let go of depending on what that specifically might be reason why is that everyone has their own unique pan that represent them in their own way.                         

Social Issues In The United States

The topic I picked is Euthanasia in the website ISIDEWITH. Meaning of Euthanasia is the assistance of suicide if the patient is severely ill. From doing the poll and analyzing it the whole U.S does agree with a 76% and 24%, some of the comments said if there is no chance of them lively and telling them what the full examination is. In just the state of Illinois 78% agree and 22% disagree, so there wasn’t a big difference of change but people still agree. But the city of Chicago had a 83% agreement and 17% disagreement so there was a big change from just the state of Illinois and this probably means in Chicago that many people are dealing with problem or others have family that are dealing with it. For just white people in the U.S they had a 75% agreement with it and a 25% disagreement. Asian had a change with it as in they agree with it 82% and 18% disagree about euthanasia. So, basically no matter where the person comes from and what background history they have. People still want euthanasia to happen because they don’t want to suffer if they are in horrible pain and can’t mange it and just want to end their life.


The reason why I choose this image is that everything in my life is balance and nothing will break that balance no matter what how bad anything happens because the only thing to prevent it from happening is keep going on with life. Also I picked these words because these words I think that best describes me the most.